Trudeau Caught For Massive Biowarfare Lab Cover Up. Finally It's Being Exposed By Politicians.

1 month ago

Will Trudeau finally step down in regards to this so called breaking news? Indie media was reporting on the Winnipeg lab scandal over 3 years ago including me. My YouTube channel was yanked not long after. Also- NO bio labs should be playing around with making pathogens more dangerous. In the end the 5G/Mrna/EMF/Frequencies and chemtrails need to be the breaking news scandals. Bio warfare and corrupted gov officials will become a regular household topic soon. Pierre Poilievre exposes what is merely the tip of the covid scam and the true beast that Trudy is... Too little too late. Next up...the true contents of the so called vaccines? We wish.
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the corruption, and the cover up. But

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