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Tony Lyons, President and Publisher at Skyhorse, and an attorney, was Publisher at The Lyons Press between 1997 and 2004. He founded Skyhorse in 2006 and has been involved with every aspect of the book publishing process. Starting with a small team of people, some of whom still work for Skyhorse, Tony has steadily built the company from a start-up to an increasingly prominent mid-sized publisher. Skyhorse publish books for WarRoom, The Children's Health Defence and have a maverick list of authors including Ed Dowd, Robert F Kennedy Jnr, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Dr Robert Malone and many more

About Skyhorse
Skyhorse Publishing, one of the fastest-growing independent book publishers in the United States, was launched in September 2006 by Tony Lyons, former president and publisher of the Lyons Press. The company has had fifty-seven New York Times bestsellers and has over 10,000 titles in print.
Skyhorse is dedicated to publishing books that make people’s lives better, whether that means teaching them a hobby, bringing them a unique and important story, or encouraging them to fight against injustices, conspiracies, or abuses of power. The company maintains a firm stance against censorship and aims to provide a full spectrum of political, theological, cultural, and philosophical viewpoints to counter the increasingly biased environment in mainstream media.
Through its twenty-three imprints, Skyhorse publishes an eclectic and maverick list of titles. Its imprints — Allworth Press, Arcade CrimeWise, Arcade Publishing, Carrel Books, Children's Health Defense, Clydesdale Press, Front Page Detectives, Good Books, Helios Press, Hot Books, ICAN Press, Night Shade Books, Not For Tourists, Peakpoint Press, Racehorse For Young Readers, Racehorse Publishing, Sky Pony Press, Sports Publishing, Talos Press, Yucca Publishing, Skyhorse Publishing, WarRoom Books, and World Almanac — cover everything from nature, sports, country living, history, reference, travel, humor, health, art, business, philosophy, religion, current events, politics, investigative and conspiracy, to fiction, literary nonfiction, science fiction, fantasy, and young adult and children’s literature. Its backlist includes more than ten thousand titles. Skyhorse is distributed by Simon & Schuster in the U.S. and abroad.

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