"Baby Bird Loves Laser Pointer"

Published February 22, 2018 15 Views

Rumble "Laser pointers sure are fun! And this adorable little bird definitely agrees with us. nnWe usually see many videos of adorable cats chasing laser pointers and they are extremely funny! But, rarely do we get a chance to see a little baby bird who is obsessed with laser pointers. That makes this video a lot more interesting! nnThe little bird was minding her business and looking around the room when suddenly, the light appeared. From that point on, the bird was mesmerized by it. She did not look anywhere else but was only following the laser. How adorable! nnAs the man pointing the laser started moving it faster, the adorable bird kept moving her head faster. She wasn't going to miss a second of that mesmerizing light. But who could blame her? We all do this even today. When we see a laser pointer we are mesmerized! Even though we know what it is, it never ceases to amaze us."

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