Check Out How Your Name Affects Your Behavior

Published February 22, 2018 10 Plays

Rumble This is Lois. He lives in St. Lois, Missouri, with a disproportionate number of other people named Louis. We’re unconsciously attracted to people, places, and things that resemble ourselves. And it affects our life in some pretty bizarre ways.

In one study, researchers analyzed the public records of 66 million Americans and found that people are disproportionately likely to live in places whose names resemble their own. Just like St. Lois and it’s Louises, Jacksonville is inhabited by more Jacks, Philadelphia by Philips and Virginia Beach by Virginias.

While some gravitate towards these places, it is also possible that parents living in Georgia are more likely to name their children George or Georgia. The researchers also found that people are more likely to live in cities that names began with their birthday numbers. Interesting facts!

If you were born on the second of the month, you would live in Two Harbors, Minnesota. The third? Three Oaks, Michigan. Also, people were more likely to choose careers whose labels whose labels resemble their names. Dennis or Denise are over presented among dentist. Laurie, Lawrence, and Lauren among lawyers. The researchers called this effect of unconscious self-love “Implicit Egotism”. And it doesn’t stop there.

A recent study of undergraduate students found that when you work in a group, sharing initials with other members of the group increases the overall quality of your group work.

Bizarrely the study was authored by three researches named Polman, Pollmann, and Poehlman.

We write our name thousands of times throughout our lives, so the more we are merely exposed to something like those letters the more we like it. And finally, there’s a scientific explanation about why Susie sells sea shells by the sea shore!