"Cute Little Girl Tries to Reach Her Forehead"

Published February 22, 2018 16 Views

Rumble "Some say that it's pretty easy to lose your head for a split second, but how about a forehead? Well, this cute little girl is having some trouble finding it or at least reaching it! Like many children her age, she is also an adorable messy eater who enjoys smashing and smearing the food all over and around the plate and her face, of course! So, a piece of mashed potatoes ends up on her forehead, the place where she can feel it, but she can't see it, and that's when the fun part starts! Just watch her attempt to clean up the mess off her face she's made with these smashed potatoes. It's so funny and adorable to see how she tries to figure out the way to reach her forehead - it's there, she knows it's there, and she also knows that she even put something on it, but how to grab it remains a mystery! But, don't worry little girl, you have all the time in the world!"