The Kirk Minihane Show Live | 58 Degrees - February 29, 2024

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Blind Mike and Montante are in studio as Kirk is upset that the studio is freezing. (3:30) Jared Carrabis is leaving DraftKings. (3:38) Mike recaps his visit to Austin for Lauren Compton's podcast. (11:30) Montante has been house sitting. (19:25) Kirk announces Steve Robinson will be in on Monday. (23:30) Remembering Richard Lewis. (29:10) Kirk reveals he will be interviewing Billy Dee Williams on Friday. (33:05) Mike was astonished at Mick wanting to go on vacation with his girlfriend. (43:40) Kirk is not a fan of SVP. (48:00) Coleman asks Kirk what he thinks about "Austin" Kim returning to golf. (49:10) Justin invites the Minifans to meet up with Sale Arnold on Saturday. (01:02:39) Kirk discusses Menners and the current state of The Network. (01:09:25) Justin takes a deeper look into Gus' new job. (01:14:20) Bradley Cooper seemingly hates his own child. (01:16:55) Montante made a new friend. (01:25:55) Big Cat calls in to discuss Mick's DM to him. (02:06:16) Justin tries out his Montante and Coleman impressions. (02:10:06) Coleman thinks major league baseball games can end in a mercy rule.

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