Sci-Girl Explains Why People Get Addicted To Sugar

Published February 22, 2018 290 Plays

Rumble Many of our foods contain sugar nowadays to stimulate the addictive part in our brains in order to have the need for more. This does happen to occur more frequently wuth fast food rather than food bought from the market or fresh vegetables and fruits.

The girl in this video has a detailed explanation of food addiction or eating addiction that she describes as behavioral addiction that is characterized by the compulsive consumption of palatable foods, the types of food which markedly activate the reward system in humans and other animals, despite adverse consequences.

"Food addiction" refers to compulsive over eaters who engage in frequent episodes of uncontrolled eating. The term binge eating means eating an unhealthy amount of food while feeling that one's sense of control has been lost. People who engage in binge eating may feel frenzied, and consume a considerable amount of calories before stopping.

Food binges may be followed by feelings of guilt and depression, for example, some will cancel their plans for the next day because they "feel fat." Binge eating also has implications on physical health, due to excessive intake of fats and sugars, which can cause numerous health problems.

Sometimes our love of sugar makes us go a little overboard, not always specifically cause we are consciously looking for sugar, but simply because sugar might be one of the many ways in which one product can be made more desirable than another.