"Dog Enjoys Playing Fetch with Lawn Sprinkler!"

AFVViralsPublished: February 22, 2018
Published: February 22, 2018

"Playing fetch is one of the favorite dog games and an excellent exercise for your best four-legged friend. It's usually played with a ball or a stick thrown at a certain distance, but as this video shows there is a new and innovative, super interesting and funny way to play this game, especially on a hot summer day! Why not use a lawn sprinkler? What a brilliant idea! This lady here found out the perfect way to both entertain and refresh her beautiful dog on this bright summer day by using a simple lawn sprinkler and a small plastic rocket. The water from a sprinkler simply lifts up the rocket that becomes a super exciting fetching toy that hovers in the air over a jet of water, ready to be taken down by her cheerful and lively dog. And at the same time, the dog gets to drink a little bit of fresh and cold water, just enough to cool him down and give him strength for the next jump, over and over again!"

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