"Balloon Chocolate Bowl Gone Wrong"

AFVViralsPublished: February 22, 2018
Published: February 22, 2018

"This was an amazing attempt at a balloon chocolate bowl! A hilarious one at that! But, we believe the next one will be a success. The important thing is to keep trying! Especially when it comes to this amazing trick!nnWe all love to cook, maybe not very often but at least once in a while. It is an amazing opportunity to try out something new and maybe even create something delicious treats. In this case, this little one is trying to create a balloon chocolate bowl. This is an awesome trick we have all seen on social media, and this adorable future chef is trying to recreate it! nnEven though it was unsuccessful now, doesn't mean it won't be a success later on! This is an amazing trick that needs some practice, so we believe this little one will become a real pro at this is no time! But for now, we've got a great video out of this attempt and we are loving it!"

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