"Epic Fail: Hoverboard VS Girl"

AFVViralsPublished: February 22, 201815 views
Published: February 22, 2018

"Oh, those hoverboards and those amazing fails! nnThis girl is just one of many who have become obsessed with the wonder that is the hoverboard. Once it was a dream to own something like this. We saw a similar one in "Back To The Future" and since then we wanted one. Well, today, finally we can have one! nnThis girl was super excited when she got her hoverboard and couldn't wait to learn some new awesome tricks! Let's face it, with this thing, possibilities are endless and more fun then ever! She came up with an interesting trick, but unfortunately, it was an epic fail! Instead of dominating the trick, the hoverboard and the girl crashed into the door! Not only did she crash, but also broke the door! How hilarious! nnBut, the most important thing is not giving up! This was a fail but the next time may be an epic success!"

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