"Adorable Cat Gets Christmas Ready"

Published February 22, 2018 717 Plays

Rumble "This adorable cat is getting ready for Christmas and he looks so amazing! nnWe all know that cats love their alone time and that they respect their privacy, but sometimes they are just too cute to be left alone. They may act tough, but everyone needs love! Just like this adorable kitty in the video. nnHis parents have decided to get him all dolled up for Christmas, but he is not a fan! Even though these reindeer ears look breathtaking on him, he is trying to take them off. But, his owners were smart enough to buy ears that he won't be able to take off. They knew what they were getting into.nnWe don't know what it is with animals in adorable Christmas costumes but they look just way too precious wearing them! Of course, we are all aware the costume won't stay on them for too long, but those couple of minutes are worth it!"