"Kid Gets Static Hair On The Slide"

Published February 22, 2018 16 Views

Rumble "Playgrounds and slides are so much fun, right? Apart from the obvious thrill, some unexpected things might happen. Just take a look at the video of this kid a see for yourself! He entered the slide with his hair completely normal and exit with the static hair! It’s hilarious, he looks like a dandelion now! If you wonder how this phenomenon occurs, we are here to explain it! Static electricity is caused by two unlike materials rubbing against each other, in this case, little boy’s hair and a plastic slide. When this charge build-up occurs on materials that don't conduct electricity very well, like dry hair, the electrons just kind of sit there, creating static electricity. In theory, this isn’t so funny, but in reality, seeing a person with static hair is pretty hilarious! You’ll see once you check out our video of this adorable boy! We wonder how long his hair stayed like this? Minutes, hours? Anyhow, he is cute both with normal and static hair."

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