"Super Granny Sledding Down The Hill"

Published February 22, 2018 7 Plays

Rumble "Who says old people are boring? Check out our video and see the fearless granny sledding down the hill! She is so bold, she doesn’t even use the real sleds, she is sliding in a huge plastic lid! Hilarious! nWe always hear stories of bucket lists and the people who dare to make their dreams come true, but it’s the first time we actually see one. This granny decided to slide down the hill, although she can barely move. Two ladies, probably her daughter and granddaughter, helped her sit in the plastic lid and rolled her down the hill. The start was awesome, but in the middle of the hill, things went, well, downhills! The granny fell off her ‘sleds’ and started rolling down the hill facedown. For a minute, we were scared for the safety of the sweet, little granny, but once we saw she was safe and sound, we laughed out loud. Even the guy who was there to help her get up nearly fell! So funny! If you love a good fail video, you’ll enjoy the adventures of this granny. She might be old, but she still knows how to enjoy life!"