"Sweet Little Girl Cries over Turkey"

Published February 22, 2018 8,692 Plays

Rumble "Can you imagine a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner without a turkey? Celebrating those holidays without a delicious turkey roast on the table seems almost unthinkable to a lot of people, but for a sweet little girl in this video, having a dead turkey for dinner is so unacceptable! She gets so sad when she finds out that the turkey is dead and needs to be cooked just to become their family dinner, so she starts crying her eyes out totally devastated over the death of the turkey to the point of refusing to eat it. Her mom gives her best to comfort her and stop from crying by explaining that the turkey went to Turkey Heaven, but it seems that there is no word of consolation for this little angel. She just keeps weeping and saying how much she misses a poor turkey. And she does it so honestly and with such empathy, that even the hardest turkey eating fan may reconsider having something else for their favorite holiday dinner!"