This Kid Could Become The Next Great Irish Country Music Star

Published February 22, 2018 37,502 Plays

Rumble / Cover SongsThis 14-year-old boy called Owen Mac presents his incredible singing abilities from his home in Northern Ireland. With a microphone in his hands and fashionable haircut, ‘on stage’ in is his living room, this boy sings a traditional Irish song which makes him even more miraculous because traditional Irish music is not that easy to get into. But he does that with such an easiness and the sound of his voice is so mellow that one can listen to it without a break. The room is full of love, the beloved ones are photographed and put up on the walls that only adds up to the positive vibrations of the place.

Owen is well on his way to becoming a sensation in Ireland as he magnificently covers this incredible song. His angelic voice instantly captures one’s attention and his ability to charm the audience with his Irish songs is something to behold. We are sure that this boy is destined to become a great star in the world of music and we are sure that he would perform a duet at a tribute concert with some famous names from the music industry one day.

He must be grateful for such rich and powerful and yet calm and steady voice just as his audience is very happy and thankful for his gift. We are confident that Owen will have a full Cd for all of us to purchase before too long and no doubt the news will be all over the Internet. Keep up the great work Owen. Everyone is so proud of you!


  • Arnstein_Bjone, 1 year ago

    Fantastic voice and star qualities. Bright future. It's also fantastic that Rumble don't mention the song title. Found it on YouTube though..

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