"Cat Calmly Drinks Water From A Bowl Of Fishes"

Published February 22, 2018 19 Views

Rumble "If you ever wonder if you could have a cat plus an aquarium full of pet fishes, take a look at this video! This friendly cat calmly drinks water from a bowl with fishes. She is such a nice kitty, she doesn’t even think of eating them. And trust us, when the cat is hungry, she would eat just about anything! Especially fish! Although kitties hate swimming, they love eating fish, mostly because of the oil and protein the fish meat contains. But the kitty from our video decided to ignore its potential food and only drank some water from the ball full of fishes. Usually, when people keep cats and fish aquariums together, it’s difficult to save fishes from the cat. It takes aquariums with lids, safety locks… but in the case of the cat from our video, fishes are safe. If only all animals could live in such harmony! The world would sure be a much better place!"

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