Adorable Kitties Offer Free Hugs

coleandmarmalade Published February 22, 2018 1,613 Plays

Rumble Not that someone needs an excuse to do it in the first place, but cat owners should properly celebrate the International Hug Your Cat Day! This holiday is the time when you should give your kitty an extra attention! Whether you’ll choose to have a backyard picnic or just snuggle with your cat at home, it’s up to you. Studies have shown that snuggling with your cat can lower human’s blood pressure. How cool is that, right?

Cats around the world have breathed a group sigh of relief after surviving this holiday. While some of them are fine with hugging, others made it clear that they were not so happy to be petted by their owners. Cats that love to hug usually purr as an answer and you can feel that blessed moment too. Isn’t purring loud the best thing ever? Just make sure you are gentle with your feline friend, we don’t want any cat hug injuries.

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June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! - Don't miss out humans, there are thousands of cats and kittens waiting in animal shelters around the world for their chance to hug you furever* - ADOPT A SNUGGLE BUDDY TODAY!

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Filmed at Helping Paws Animal Shelter:

*Some cats just don't like hugs, Marmalade doesn't really care for them but I still hug him everyday :) … What about YOUR cats?