Mitch McConnell Is ACTUALLY Retiring?! | Are Trump Shoes Worth $9,000? | Ep 157

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In this episode of "Prime Time with Alex Stein," Alex breaks down the surprising announcement of Mitch McConnell's retirement, and debates whether it’s good that geriatrics run American politics. We then break down the shocking story that Donald Trump played a role in inspiring Hunter Biden to embark on a journey to sobriety. Following, we explore the hilarious tale of a failed Willy Wonka-themed park that was so terrible that the police were called. Our guest for the show is Roman Sharf, a man who spent $9000 to buy a pair Trump sneakers. Was it worth it? We don’t think so, but he does! Finally, we play a clip of Alex joining James O’Keefe’s Twitter Space with Elon Musk, where he asked Elon some shocking questions about Neuralink (yes this actually happened). Don’t miss this episode of “Prime Time with Alex Stein”!

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