Tiny Hamster Gets Her Hair Combed With A Toothbrush

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHaving a pet is literally the best thing ever! Tiny animals are so cute, but they require special care just as all pets do. Dwarf hamsters are the most common animals that are adopted as pets. Kids love to play with them and adults are no different. Hamsters are active and energetic animals. They love to play on an exercise wheel or with toys in their cage.

Dwarf hamsters originate from desert habitat so their diet should contain less fresh food. They stay much smaller than Syrian hamsters and they are more hasty. Don’t let them fool you if you see them sleeping through the day, they are very alive and ready to make a mess after they wake up. Their fur can be in many color variations. But the cutest thing about these furry animals are definitely their cheek pouches. They use them to store and carry food, which looks so adorable!

Skye the Russian Dwarf hamster is 1 year and 9 months old. She is one very extraordinary girl hamster. Her owner loves to record her in many situations and that’s how she got her popularity. She even has her own Instagram profile with over 13k followers and more than 1000 posts! How cute is that!
Take a look at this charming video! Skye the hamster is really enjoying a relaxing hair brushing session form her owner. It seems like she is getting a 5 star treatment all the time. And why wouldn't she? She is a celebrity now, right?

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