African Children Hear Violin For The First Time

6 years ago

In our, every day lives we are always surrounded by music. Whatever the genre you prefer, you can only take out your phone and select the music you desire. We live in a world which is very adaptive to our needs especially when it comes down to the kind of music.

Here we entirely the wonderful volunteer that has gone all the way to Africa to introduce the Fiddle as an instrument to all these kids that have never seen nor heard of the fiddle. She gets them prepared as she lines up right in front of all of them. They stand in a group and wait for what is going to happen next.

She does hold on from playing for a couple of seconds, so the tension rises and then she quickly slides the strings through the fiddle as a very intense sound spreads across the crowd leaving them in awe. Then she continues to play and once she does you will not be able to guess how this lovely crowed of kids react.

They all of a sudden start dancing and jumping to the music. All of their happy faces are just too adorable, and it is a heartwarming moment. This scenario occurred in August 2014.

Paige Park plays in an African Village for kids for the first time in their lives. ''Paige Park a Nashville Musician has traveled to Malawi, Africa sharing her gifts, singing, playing and sharing the Gospel of Christ in villages since she was 15.

Now 21, she currently performs with Jimmy Fortune, a former Statler Brother and The Annie Moses Band with Josh Carswell, and will release her album soon. The reaction is the same, they love to hear her play and they always dance and laugh!

Reaching somebody with melodies of joy and festivities is the best thing one can do in all their years. Also, watching them making the most of our presence is the best reward to get.

The adorable video shows a woman named Paige Park is playing the violin for the poor children in an African town. As she begins playing the violin, the children started dancing and celebrating around her. These children have never observed or known about fiddle, and their blameless responses merit watching! We wish we could reach them with more resources to feel them secured and fulfill them generally!

It must have been fantastic for these little ones, apparently very much moved by lots of dancing and thanks to Paige Park for this beautiful gift of hers and her precious soul! It's tough to imagine how a music instrument sounds if you have never seen or heard that instrument in your life. When Paige brought her violin in this village in Africa, the local people were watching with admiration, and they were in awe of the sound. Paige brought joy and music into their lives, and we are sure that they will never forget that day.

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