Friendly Horse Comes Inside The House To Chill With Owner

Published February 22, 2018 33,033,969 Views $53.79 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsHilarious footage has emerged of a friendly horse inviting himself inside the house of his owners. Check it out as this well-mannered horse casually walks through the front door and investigates the home to detail. Incredible!

Reportedly, Jessey the horse, comes up to the front door and knocks to be let in like a pet guest, to stroll around their living room for just a few seconds. It is hilarious to hear to the narration his owner gives as she films the footage. When Jessey stands in front of the TV, the owner jokes and says that he just came in to watch a Friends episode, or check on the game score! Adorable!

Horses are social creatures and can make social attachments to their species, other animals and humans as well. They are also intelligent and can perform a number of cognitive tasks on a daily basis. Horses are naturally curious and can learn simple things. Domestic horses face more challenges than wild horses since they live in artificial environments that do not come naturally to them.

Horses are creatures of habit. Some describe their horses as very bossy with other horses; some would say that their horse is afraid of anything new, while others claim that their horse does not pay attention to them. According to this, horses fall into four categories: social, fearful, aloof and challenging.

The horse in this video, Jessey, is a social horse that can get bored quickly and wants to explore new living spaces. Also, he needs more room, not just the enclosed area he paces up and down every day at the stable. So, he decided to come uninvited as the unexpected guest on the porch of his owner’s household and give one unexpected surprise to his humans. For this easy-going horse, the visit at the front door of his owner’s house is a high priority and something that has to be done regularly.

Horses are such incredible creatures and beautiful companions. There is no bond quite like the one between a person and their horse. There have been stories about horses for centuries. They were worshiped by people for hundreds of years, and they will be hundreds more. They are beautiful to look at and even more amazing to spend time with them.

Did you know, that horses have different expressions on their faces to express their moods just like humans have? Isn’t that cool? They also have a better memory than elephants, and they are very social animals.

They only eat vegetation. They have only one stomach, unlike cows. Their stomachs are small, so if they eat of a lot, they have to move around all day. A surprising fact about horses is that they have four speeds called gaits. They walk, which is slow speed, trot, a little faster, canter faster than a trot and gallop, a horse's most rapid gait.

Would you like to have a horse that you can chill together in the living room?