Wonderful Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Leaves Guests In Awe

Published February 22, 2018 53,673 Views $172.70 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsThere's something about father-daughter dancing that pulls emotion out of people. Whether a toddler or a bride, daughter’s age doesn't matter as long as she's dancing with her dad, it is always heartwarming to witness. But there are some fathers and daughters who truly take the cake when it comes to choreographing a memorable dance, and create a touching moment for everyone to see. Whether they're hamming it up at home alone or are gliding down the dance floor in front of a crowd, this video shows just how sweet a father and daughter pair can be when they're together.

At the beginning it is nothing more than a traditional father-daughter dance, the new bride and her dad swayed to a slow, sappy song about daddy’s little girl all grown up. Onlookers watch with quiet respect. And at first, everything seemed to fall in line with what a traditional wedding dance should be.

But after a couple modest twirls, the music suddenly changed dramatically. We can assume that grandma looked up from her appetizer as father and bride started grooving in sync. What followed is nothing short of a perfectly choreographed routine set to what must be their favorite pop songs.
The bride and her father dance to the classic ‘Butterfly Kisses’ by Bob Carlisle for a few seconds. Then the music immediately skips and MC Hammer's ‘Can't Touch This’ starts playing, the bride and her father do the MC Hammer Dance, and the audience goes wild. The bride and her father choreographed dance moves to a handful of songs, and they totally nailed it. It's so heartwarming to know that they must have had to practice this for weeks together to get this dance down so perfectly.

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