These Guys Explain How Much Should You Tip

Published February 22, 2018 3,576 Plays

Rumble The point of tipping has always been a motivational and rewarding gesture from a costumer to the waiter. Expressing that the customer is satisfied with the food, restaurant courtesy along with the helpfulness of the waiter. Having all this into consideration and along with the fact that we are a generation of tippers, this video might actually give you a couple of tips on tipping as to how much you should tip depending on the different places you visit.

To start off, tipping for some of us is a luxury , as if barely being able to afford the food in your favorite restaurant is not enough, now you should give an additional amount. And nowadays its done that which ever way you pay whether it is cash, credit, or debit you can always punch in an amount which you feel most suitable. This might come as a surprise since it does happen that the waiter/waitress is standing on top of you as they are handing you the terminal and if not literally standing there and in ways pressuring you to give them a tip, cause if you don't, you might get one of those eye rolling moments which no one is out there looking for one.

Now, having this into consideration, if you feel that tipping is not your thing since you are only obliged to pay for the food you eat, if you are in a restaurant for an instance, then just don't. This is not a must but only something to show th waiter that common courtusy of them bringing you your food which is their job to begin with.

Now, for those who do happen to tip, the two guys will show you the ropes as to how much you should tip depending on the place you go. Sick of that anxious feeling trying to figure out who and how much to tip? Take a look since these guys have actually done the math for you so you don't have to wreck your brain.