Intriguing Theory About Alien Life And Earth-Like Planets

PBS_SpaceTime Published February 21, 2018 20 Plays

Rumble With millions of Earth-like planets around sun-like stars in our galaxy alone, why don't we see intelligent alien life? Or any other life for that matter? It gets especially weird when you factor in new scientific revelations that life on Earth occurred crazy fast! So if you want to help us theorize on the real reasons we haven't found alien life, you should check this video of Space Time!

Why don’t we see alien civilization? The resolution for it has to be that there is some sort of great filter that either makes intelligent life extremely rare in the first place or that wipes out, essentially, all advanced civilization before they get to the galactic empire stage, whether by a nuclear war, environmental catastrophe, accidentally making a black hole that swallows the planet, et etcetera. But some people believe in that and some people just don’t buy that theory. The other logical explanation is that we know of exactly one instance intelligent life happening, the case of the earth. Multicellular life evolved independently dozen of times. It just took a really long time for those single cells to become complex enough to form large collaborative structure capable of collective reproduction, I.e plants, animals, species capable of making the Kerbal Space Program.

So what is the great filter? Maybe it’s just time. If life is common then of the billions of Earth-like planets in the galaxy, only a tiny fraction needed to have a small head start on us in order to have produced the Federation of Planets and Stargates and stuff by now. Well, that explains a lot!