"Almost" snow captured on camera in Los Angeles

SamsonAndSebastian Published February 21, 2018 1,187 Plays $2.47 earned

Rumble / Strange WeatherSierra, a 7 year old who lives in Los Angeles, has always dreamt about snow at her house. In a freak isolated burst of weather, she got her wish...at least in her mind. The hail was actually softer and really did resemble snow. It was enough to make her ecstatic about the majestic occurrence. Don't forget about her giant Newfoundland puppy whose coat is perfectly equipped to handle and enjoy extremely cold weather. They both seemed to know it was a rare and special event. What a wonderful world!


  • enkeithepug, 1 year ago

    Aw wow, we take for granted here in Scotland, the snow has been really bad recently!! I hope you get some more beautiful Snow for Sierra

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    • SloggerVlogger, 1 year ago

      I'm in a need for some more snow too, so if you can send some more from Scotland to the West Midlands .... :-) Might happen yet, if we believe the weather forecast.

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