Guests: Mike Lindell & Ivan Raiklin | A Biden Migrant Murdered Laken Riley | The Alec Lace Show

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The Alec Lace Show • Tuesday, February 27th 2024

Today Alec shares his interviews with Mike Lindell and Ivan Raiklin

Alec discusses the murder of 22 year old Laken Riley at the hands of one of Joe Biden’s illegal immigrants. A mother and daughter are killed by a maniac in St. Louis who is released on bail the following day. Alec also shares highlights from his appearance on Kudlow yesterday.

MyPillow founder Mike Lindell joined Alec at CPAC to discuss Mike’s incredible contributions to helping people suffering from addiction. The stolen election of 2020 and how to prevent the fraud happening again in 2024.

Former Green Beret Ivan Raiklin joined Alec at CPAC to discuss the deep state and how to fight back against the corruption plaguing Washington DC and America.

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