Two Adorable Pups Engage In Play Mode While Climbing The Stairs

Published February 21, 2018 1,520 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWhen faced with the challenge of going up and down the stairs of their house, these two pups found a hilarious way of crossing the distance and adding a little fun to the activity. Annabelle the Corgi is eight-weeks-old and wants to play with her buddy Leonardo, but struggles making it up the staircase, much to big brother’s amusement!

Since there are no amusement parks for pups, they took the amusement from the park into their own home. These two adorable canines seem to be enjoying the stair-climbing process so much that they made it their fun little activity. Watch as the little pooch struggles to climb them bulky stairs and puts so much effort into that so that is seems like a hard thing to do.

Moments later, his big pal joins in the fun, his eyes sparkling with excitement! It looked like his buddy might need a bit of encouragement, seeing how he stops himself on every step, and engages them tiny muscles to rise up the stairs.

We have seen many videos in which dogs are scared of the stairs and have been caught sliding down them paws down the staircase instead of using their legs, in order to prevent an injury. The staircase looks so scary and narrow if looked upon from the top!

Footage shows the pooch attempting the stairs at home using its front paws first to climb up the staircase. In only few seconds we see his big brother approaching to lend a helping hand to the struggling pup, engaging in play mode and obstructing the path of the little one. It is as if he is saying ‘You shall not pass!” Hilarious!

This little fellow is still learning how to use the stairs and is adorable how much he tries to get the knack of. This cute pooch is still figuring out the world around him. In this video, he constantly struggles to conquer the upward staircase in his home. This curious dog continues to practice his climbing skills, and won't give up until he masters this new quest of his!

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