Cat Enjoys Her Game Of Troubling A Nice Husky

Published February 21, 2018 742,385 Views $510.16 earned

Real friendships do not just exist in the world of humans, animals enjoy them too. And not just some same-breed animals in the forest or the zoo or the jungle, but cats and dogs, my friends.
You did not think that cats and dogs can be friends, did you? Not just ordinary friends but best friends for life? Then, reconsider your thoughts and think twice before you watch this video. It proves that not only cats and dogs can hang out together but like in every friendship, friends are real record-breakers in getting on each other’ nerves.

A baby walker is a real hideout for this cat. Not only the cat knows how to annoy the husky, she also knows the perfect timing to stop the torment. With the first jump off she lands on the husky’s back without any success into engaging him into her mischievous play. The second time, the cat slowly approaches the husky, wrapping around his neck, but this husky is so polite and meek, a real friend, he does not want to harm her in any way possible. The husky just bites her gently so to show her his affection.

Oh dear, this cat will never give up. What a pain in the neck, the dog must think. For this dog obviously, the cat is an unavoidable nuisance but chasing his own tail is so exciting, does he actually thinks he would catch it? And the cat again finds the perfect opportunity to be a real trouble and no sooner the husky calms down, we see her persistently giving her best in her play until she gets what she wants – a game of bite and release.

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