Pug struggles to stay awake

Published February 21, 2018 677 Plays $2.74 earned

Rumble Enkei the Pug taking prime position on the couch, ready to get petted. He loves nothing more than being pampered! He is a very lazy sleepy little pug and this video shows it expertly!

Watch as he is gently caressed on his ears, chest and face as he battles to stay awake, in case he misses anything. He would sit like this all day and night if he could. His ears are like velvet to touch as well which helps. Enkei will go to anyone who is willing to pet him, but in this video he is next to his Dad, and they definitely are the best of friends, a bond no one could come between! Pugs make great lap dogs as they do simply love to please their owners, Enkei will do anything to see us happy and he just loves spending time watching TV with us, he even shares the bed with us! This is one pampered pooch not to be missed...