Sherlock Holmes: Breaking Down the Classic Slow-Motion Fight

1 month ago

Sherlock Holmes is a character that has been iterated and reiterated for every living generation and a few dead ones as well. It's been written about short stories, novels, film, TV, video games and even comic books. No matter which direction you kick a can, you will likely hit someone who knows Sherlock Holmes and has their own version of them as "Their Sherlock.” For me, Guy Richie's take on the pipe-smoking sleuth is the one that gets me the most excited about solving mysteries.

In particular, the first instalment in the 2-part-series is a work of film that I rewatch often and am endlessly impressed by. And within that film, I think there is almost no better display of Robert Downey Jr.'s idea of what this 18th-century freelance detective was all about than the boxing match- also known as "The slow motion fight scene.”

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