Gentle Dog Just Wants To Make Friends With Curious Gopher

Superfitzie Published February 20, 2018 9,558 Plays $25.16 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhen we were little, we all had that one best friend to whom we made a solemn promise that we would always stick together no matter what life brings us. Even when there were times of boredom and times when we didn’t know what to say to each other, the friendship ties we cherished were unbreakable. The phrase ‘best friends’ was permanently engraved on a heart pendant, each wearing the half piece around our necks and swear that in the greatest crisis we would fend it with our own lives.

There are some people out there who believe that animals are just ordinary creatures but the truth is the animal kingdom never ceases to amaze and inspire us, making us put all our differences aside. Unusual friendships happen all the time and not just in the world of humans but with animals also. Giraffes and ostriches, dogs and owls, chickens and puppies, rabbits and deer, lions and bears are just handful examples of how friendships in the animal kingdom have no limits. And friends do not have to look anything alike to make a great team just as this unusual friendship proves.

We know that cats and dogs go along but have you heard about a dog and a gopher?! If not, try out this video. A dog named Mikey does not want to get separated from his recently discovered friend the irresistible gopher. His intense look at this tiny animal, makes our hearts skip a bit. To show him that he wants to stay forever his friend, Mikey sniffs the gopher so next time when they hang out he will be sure that this gopher was exactly the one he so persistently does not want to leave. Each friendship has a certain smell and theirs is the smell of mutual understanding and a promise to hang out in future. Time to say goodbye and hopefully not for long.