Episode 276 - Geoff Rickly

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Geoffrey William Rickly is an American musician and author, best known as the lead singer and songwriter of rock band Thursday.

Current Singer of Thursday/United Nations/I&D(2010)/NO DEVOTION. Producer: My Chemical Romance

Check out his book Someone Who Isn't Me: https://asterismbooks.com/product/som...

Geoff Rickly’s debut novel Someone Who Isn’t Me is a feverish journey through the psyche of someone who no longer recognizes himself. When Geoff hears that a drug called ibogaine might be able to save him from his heroin addiction, he goes to a clinic in Mexico to confront the darkest and most destructive versions of himself. In this modern reimagining of the Divine Comedy, survival lurks in the darkest corners of Geoff’s brain, asking, will he make it? Can anyone?

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