Westie Puppy Loves Riding On The Robot Vacuum

Published February 20, 2018 21,291 Plays $62.60 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesOwners decides that it is high time for the dog to start doing some chores around the house, if not everything, at least vacuuming. And how did she manage to pull that off? With a robot vacuum, of course.

Footage shows three-months-old Capria riding on a iRobot Roomba and having the time of her life. Turns out she loves it! Apparently, this curious pooch enjoys riding on a self-powered vacuum cleaner. The clip starts with this adorable Westie sitting on top of the robot vacuum, riding around the house, spinning in circles while sitting up with confidence, looking mischievous, and most notably super adorable.

Our little hero here clearly loves sitting on the robot vacuum cleaner and spinning around the living room in circles, looking as relaxed as she can be. She's obviously chilling and makes us feel tempted to join in the fun! Adorable!

These dog owners wanted to make the playtime for their pooch even more pleasant and decided to put their adorable canine on top of the vacuum cleaner so that their baby could enjoy the fun process of cleaning while taking a ride around the household. Not only the little fella enjoyed the fun, he also felt so relaxed that we think she might fall asleep right away!

Prepare yourself for cuteness overloaded because this adorable pooch riding on the automatic vacuum cleaner will definitely soften your heart, warm up your soul and give you a good laugh. You will end up beaming with smiles while watching. Is this pooch too lazy to roll and wants to sit all day in her new chair doing nothing, while watching the world go by?