Cat Meets Owner Afer A Long Time And She Can´t Stop Kissing Her

Published February 20, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble With an estimated 76 million pet cats in the United States and 200 million all over the world, there is an increasing interest in understanding more about the relationship between cats and their owners.

Some of the dog people say that cats don`t have feeling and they don`t really care about their humans. They are so much wrong! Cats are missing their owners when they are not at home and they have the cutest ways to welcome them home. Many cats love to show their humans how much they love them and they have many ways to express themselves.

The cat in the video below is giving her human a really warm welcome home after being away for a long time. So touching! She is so excited to see her and she can`t stop kissing her! (It’s been a long time!) This is so touching!