Swan = 1 Young man = 0

Published February 20, 2018 39 Plays

Rumble If You Take A Dip In The Swans Pond, The Swan Will Attack!! Are you familiar with the saying “now you’re just asking for trouble!”? Well, if you take a dip in this swan’s pond, you are just asking for trouble because this swan WILL ATTACK. A young man was dared by his best buddy to strip down to his underwear and have a swim in the neighborhood pond. The young man takes the bate for a couple reasons: one, his girlfriend is watching and two, you can’t chicken out of a dare. Unfortunately! you can’t chicken out of a dare but you can be swaned out of a pond.
As the young man starts to exit the pond and beautiful white swan flies out of nowhere and chases him out of the water and into his girlfriends arms. Lesson learned!