Ghosts of Flight 401: Unearthing the Eerie Encounters That Followed the Tragedy

1 month ago

Ghosts aboard a crashed plane? Flight 401's haunting tale is stranger than fiction. Join us on a chilling exploration of the reported supernatural encounters that followed this tragic aviation disaster.

Unearth the eerie reports of hauntings and ghostly sightings connected to Flight 401. Delve into the mysterious aftermath of the crash that continues to captivate and perplex investigators to this day.

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00:00 The Ghosts of Flight 401
00:58 The Crash of Eastern Airlines Flight 401
05:57 The Accident
12:42 Psychic Dreams
14:24 Reused Parts
14:57 The Ghost of Bob Loft
23:12 The Ghost of Don Repo
25:40 Aftermath and Flight 401 Memorial

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