Annoying Husky Won’t Let Sleepy Cat Take A Nap

Published February 20, 2018 15,092 Plays $56.25 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsA heartwarming video has emerged of a cat and dog enjoying some alone time on the bed. Meet Thora, the nine-months-old Husky and Mikey the two-years-old cat doing their best to live under the same roof.

This adorable cat-dog friendship goes up on the cuteness overload scale. Footage shows a cat and a dog comfortably tucked on the covers, enjoying their alone nap time, cosily nested on the bed. Watch as this needy Husky teases and bothers the sleepy cat, not allowing him to nap in peace. The patient cat is obviously bothered by the nagging dog, but he tries not to lose his temper, hoping that the canine will eventually stop.

Despite of the fact that massages and kisses are very comfortable indeed, there are some times when we have had enough of the love and affection and want to be left in peace and quiet. Well, apparently, this needy pup does not understand the term “privacy” and “enough is enough” so she continues giving the wet treatment to her cat buddy, showering him with love and affection.

It is surprising how this patient cat hasn’t lost his temper already, given the constant nagging of the frisky dog. The energetic puppy is obviously seeking for a buddy to play with and desperately tries to get the cat in play mood, but to no avail! The sleepy cat continues napping on the bed, even if the Husky is making that nearly impossible.

Watch as the dog stomps the cat in the face with its rough paws, demanding some attention! However, Husky’s efforts fall on cat’s deaf ears, and the cat continues to pretend to be napping, fully ignoring his needy pal. These two seem to be very good friends and get along perfectly fine, but when it comes to sleep, there are some boundaries that need to be respected in order for their friendship to thrive!

Poor Mikey, he would really like to get some vitamin Z, but Thora keeps slapping him! Luckily, Mikey isn’t scared of Thora and puts up with her crazy amounts of playfulness!


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