Bilateral Ring Stack for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

RecyclingOTPublished: February 19, 2018Updated: February 20, 201850 views
Published: February 19, 2018Updated: February 20, 2018

I created this bilateral ring stack many years ago to encourage children and adults with developmental disabilities to use both hands during fine motor activities. This is made by wedging two dowels inside a box or other container; secure in place with duct tape.
This ring stack is more than a simple repetitive task.
It provides the following sensory stimulation which may motivate engagement because it is fun!
1)There are pictures to look at and possibly identify (visual stimulation)
2)A dog toy is attached to the container. It squeaks when the shapes are pressed down hard enough (auditory stimulation)
3) Force is required to push these shapes down and activate the squeaky toy (proprioceptive stimulation).
4) You may be able to wedge a motorized toothbrush inside one or both dowels (more proprioceptive stimulation).
5) Clients may stand or walk around to retrieve materials. If you place a box of shapes on the floor and the stack on the table, they will be moving up and down (vestibular stimulation).

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