"Cute Cat Drinks Water from a Glass"

Published February 19, 2018 241,080 Views

Rumble "Cats are well known as very intelligent and extremely curious creatures who like to do some unusual things like sticking their paws or their heads in different objects, including drinking glasses! But this cute cat here actually loves to drink water from a proper glass instead of her cat bowl. And she does it in the most adorable way! She doesn't just lap the water from the glass but dips her whole snout in it, over and over again until she finally quenches her thirst and elegantly walks away. While this really looks funny and cute, it is important to control this habit and make sure that your cat doesn't drink something from a glass that she shouldn't have. Plus, some of your guests may not appreciate sharing their drinks with your furry friend, so make sure that your cat gets her own glass to enjoy her classy water drinking!"

... and disable advertisements! No kidding :)