"Cute Toddler Having A Bad Hair Day"

Published February 19, 2018 239,522 Views

Rumble "You know those days when your hair has a life of its own? Well, the same thing happened to this cute toddler who is having a bad hair day. She hates her haircut, and isn’t afraid to show it! She is throwing quite a temper tantrum, with tears and despair. Her mom is very supportive, but this toddler just won’t calm down. nnWe can all relate to this little, adorable toddler. Let’s face it, we all had those horrible mornings when everything goes wrong. In case of this adorable toddler, the haircut is the biggest problem. She despises her straight hair and she wants to have a makeover. We are not sure if she eventually got a new haircut, but we bet that she’ll laugh at this video once she’s all grown, just like we did! It’s not easy for the children nowadays, there are cameras everywhere, ready to record the embarrassing moments! We sure sympathize with this little cutie and hope that she’ll get the haircut she wants in the near future!"