Helpful 2-Year-Old Loves To Go Shopping

Published February 19, 2018 791 Plays $2.09 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsAh, don’t you just wish someone would give you a helping hand and clean all of the dishes, wash all of the clothes, go grocery shopping and meal prep every Sunday for you? Adulthood can be pretty rough on a person and at times it seems as though there is no respite. You just wish you would wake up one day and be as careless as a child with other people doing those dreadful chores for you.

It’s funny how life works really, because we all have our roles mixed up. When we were young we wished to be like our parents, but as time goes by, we can’t help but to want to be as carefree as our children. It’s the cycle of life and the closer we are to realizing that life’s too short for worries, the more we want to rewind it and start again, simple as that.

This little princess called Mimi is a prime example for such behavior. The girl is only two years old but please don’t tell her that. If she asks, she’s twenty-two and in the middle of a very successful career as being mommy’s little helper. She has finished washing the clothes and is now doing the grocery all by herself. She even made a mental note that she was out of detergent so she made sure to buy a bottle of a new one. How adorable is that? Well done, Princess Mimi!