All Star Political Panel with Steve Gooch

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1 month ago

Fani Willis investigation. The media want things polarized and want the public angry. The division is good for business for the media. The Fani Willis case was must watch TV, the ratings were as good as the OJ Simpson case.
We aren’t spending enough time in focusing on the agreeable parts. But that is boring theater. Business people are very nervous for what NYC has done to Trump. The banks always do their due diligence. It was the DA that went after Trump. they twisted a obscure law and used it against Trump. The judge has appealed the 30 day stay to allow for the appeal. The assets are working people.
The legislature is using the process to rope in the DAs that are violating their oath of office.
Illegal immigration, the moderate democrats know that there is a problem. Joe Biden has created this issue. There have been over 170 countries that have crossed the border. The lifestyle that we are use to are almost gone because of the invasion.
Our votes are just as important as our money. Our vote is the people’s power. We have testimony in federal court that have shown these machines are hackable and are not fixable. Raffensperger chose the Dominion machines.
Soros has bought the second largest radio network in America. All media is to drive a narrative. Soros knows they need a stronger voice for the narrative.
Winners and Losers

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