WTF Happened to Tom Green?

1 month ago

Tom Green has cancer. It is early 2000, and he is about to go under because he would like to educate you on the world of testicular cancer, and if you can see his internal organs while doing so, so be it. And so there he is at 28 years old in a hospital gown, making jokes while medical professionals get ready to chop off one of his nuts. “This is going to fucking suck,” he says. But, if we know anything about him, it’s that nothing is off-limits for Tom Green. It was the ultimate combination of tragedy and comedy; you have a young man in his prime facing death while telling the world's greatest testicle joke. This comedian turned cancer into performance art, which made me believe God might have a twisted sense of humor... kinda like Tom Green himself.

The dude revolutionized a breed of comedy that borders on anarchy, using the boob tube reveal just how wild and crazy the world can be... all you need is a warrior clown poet willing to go beyond the punch line. The comedy stylizing of Tom Green consists of gross-out reality-based chaos with flare from old-school hip hop and energy from punk rock skateboard culture. But are these jokes still funny? Was Tom Green misunderstood and ahead of his time? Was he trying to tell us something about the human condition through tom foolery and disgusting shenanigans? Is this man still out there influencing the masses? So yeah WTF Happened to...TOM GREEN?

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