Flaming Dr. Pepper Shot Gone SERIOUSLY Wrong

AFVPublished: February 16, 2018
Published: February 16, 2018

Ladies and gentlemen: this hilarious video of a flaming dr. pepper shot gone SERIOUSLY wrong is the exact reason humans created the bar and the bartender. A young man sits at his kitchen table with all of the ingredients to make the perfect flaming dr. pepper shot neatly spread out. He is incredibly focused and ready to enjoy the most exhilarating shot EVER! Here is how you make a Flaming Dr. Pepper -- check it out and take a guess as to where it all goes wrong.


1 Beer
3/4 parts Amaretto
1/4 parts Rum

How to make the Flaming Dr. Pepper shot:

Fill a pint glass halfway with beer.

Add the amaretto to a shot glass and top with the rum.

Set the rum on fire and very carefully drop the shot glass into the beer. This is one drink best to order in a bar and not make at home.

Any guesses? THE FIRE... It goes wrong when he lights it on fire. Check it out and have a laugh.

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