Resurrecting the Trump-Russia Hoax - Trumpet Daily | Feb. 23, 2024

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[00:30] The Return of ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ (35 minutes)
Democrats are resurrecting the Trump-Russia collusion hoax just in time for another election cycle. In 2016, Christopher Steele—along with the Hillary Clinton campaign, Obama administration and the FBI—concocted a phony narrative about Trump being Vladimir Putin’s puppet. Today, Republicans are investigating the Biden family for its clear financial ties to Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian businesses. The regime media, however, is having none of it. The entire story is nothing more than “Russian propaganda.” Also, CBS has seized the devices and files of journalist Catherine Herridge, who was investigating the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, among other Biden family crimes. Just what are these people trying to protect: the truth, or the Biden crime family?

[35:40] WorldWatch (3 minutes)

[38:45] Gratitude for Spiritual Blessings (16 minutes)
God desires His people to express heartfelt gratitude for the many blessings He showers on the faithful.

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