Visual Stimulation Ring Stack for Individuals with Autism

RecyclingOTPublished: February 16, 2018Updated: February 19, 201864 views
Published: February 16, 2018Updated: February 19, 2018

This activity is very easy to make and fun for typically developing children as well as children and adults with autism or other developmental disorders that impact attention and hand skills. Individuals need to use both hands to position the rings with notches cut in the center on top of the “spiral sensory ring stack”. Then they let go and enjoy the visual stimulation of the shape spiraling down. I bought the helicopter toy at the Dollar store. The spiral piece is wedged and taped inside a bottle opening. I cut the colorful plastic rings out of detergent and dishwasher soap bottles and cut notches in the center.

This activity promotes visual attention, eye-hand coordination and using hands together. Learn more about activity adaptations at

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