'Unlucky' Hedgehog Gets His Head Stuck In Toilet Paper Roll

Brealie24Published: February 15, 2018Updated: February 19, 20182,704 views
Published: February 15, 2018Updated: February 19, 2018

We all know how important hygiene is for us. The fact of the matter is that hygiene is one of the number one things to a healthier, longer and higher quality of life. Having all this in mind, we need to understand that not only humans are aware of this fact. As we know animals are really quick to catch on to the reality and even quicker to put it in practice for them self's.

Now, hedgehogs are not usually known to be domesticated animals but that does not stop some people from adopting them and giving them love and care away from the unforgivable means of nature. So, for those hedgehogs who are lucky enough to live by a human things do happen to be pretty hectic and interesting along the way.

This little guys name is Arlo. And Arlo has made it pretty clear that his day is not gonna be as easy as other right from the get go. As he gets up and tries to start his day, he immediately gets stuck onto the toilet paper roller as he tries to "take care of business" in the bathroom. However, his struggle is not as serious as Arlo might think, so his owner takes out his camera and films his hedgehog's "struggle".

Arlo the hedgehog thinks she's smaller than she really is. While attempting to get into a toilet paper roll, she manages to cram her head in it, resulting in a tiny army tank covered in prickles!

Ether way, he looks adorable! Take a look for your self!

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