Google's Anti-White AI Image Generator, Biden's Dangerous Dog, and the NYPD Dance Team, w/ Ruthless

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Megyn Kelly is joined by Josh Holmes, Michael Duncan, and John Ashbrook, hosts of the Ruthless podcast, to discuss how Google’s new Gemini AI generator won't show any white people, the ridiculous images of our founding fathers and more, the manager behind the AI generator's woke ideology and political points of view exposed, the anniversary of the inspiring "Miracle on Ice," the death of American patriotism, the unifying nature of sports, the latest twists and turns with Fani Willis, MSNBC's latest attempt to defend her, the “embarrassing soap opera” it has become, Trump's ability to end up with the most exploitable enemies, new details about President Biden’s dog Commander biting Secret Service agents more than two dozen times, the disrespect to the staff to have a reckless and dangerous pet at the White House, Biden now potentially taking executive action to secure the border, "The View" host Sunny Hostin criticizing Nikki Haley for crying over her deployed husband, Keith Olbermann’s latest attacks on his ex-girlfriend Katy Tur, the NYPD Dance Team going viral, police departments' inability to recruit physically fit officers, and more.

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