Tough Kangaroo On Steroids Flexes Muscles For Camera

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Published: February 15, 2018

A curious footage has emerged of a tall, bulky kangaroo staring at the camera of a filmmaker, following her every move from the other side of a tall fence, scratching his belly and flexing his muscles. He definitely looks like a boxer, and not surprisingly he is called Rocky!

This is the frightening moment when a woman came face-to-face with a huge muscle-bound kangaroo. She explained that she is normally confident around animals but felt threatened when the “macho” marsupial approached her closer to the fence. Watch how jacked this kangaroo is as it flexes for the camera. Incredible!

Kangaroos are largely docile and instinctively scared of humans but can act unpredictably if they feel threatened. They have been known to attack humans, although incidents are rare. When kangaroos do attack humans they do so as if they were another kangaroo by grappling with their forepaws or sitting back and kicking out with their hind legs.

The kangaroo has a really big body and we have never seen one that muscular before, he is the true definition of a big macho male. Watching this curious video of the kangaroo's muscular physique it makes us wonder how he formed them muscles. Animal's impressive bodybuilder-like muscular shoulders, biceps and chest and threatening posture are giving us the chills. It feels like he came straight out of a boxing match!

His claws are really big, even scarier than his muscles. We have never seen a kangaroo be so defensive and ready to attack, it definitely looks like he is puffing his chest muscles up to look scarier and tougher, like he likes to take her on in a boxing match. Creepy!

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