Husky Barks In Protest Because She Isn’t Ready To Finish Her Walk

Published February 15, 2018 973 Plays $2.08 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis dramatic Husky decided to put on a show in public when owner decided it is time to end their walk and go home. Watch as Indy barks in protest, frolicking in the grass, refusing to move unless he has it her way! Adorable!

Moments later, owner decided to give up and allow the spoiled husky to have it her way, to which Indy started running joyfully in the park. She can be very stubborn and difficult at times, but it's all in good fun, and her stubborn nature is relatively harmless. Since she's so stubborn and doesn't listen most of the time, her owners don't always let her off leash. She would likely ignore them if they called for her to return!

In fact, she is so much against the whole concept of “walks”, that she won’t even listen to her owner calling her to go outside! Whenever her owners ask Indy to come, she will start barking and howling to the distance, with her nose up in the air, as if they are asking her to shed her fur for her. Come on Indy, it is just a leash!

Huskies are stubborn dog breeds that really live up to their name. Watch how owner tries to please her pooch when it refuses to go home and wants to run some more before surrendering to the household. Usually Indy protests by stopping, sometimes whining and howling, but eventually she gives up and follows the owner.

Unlike some other types of dogs, huskies have a comparatively lower drive to please their masters. They can be pretty independent, and when getting them to do something against their wills can be challenging. Talk about a nasty temper!